Many owners of home choose tiles for their house because of its combination of beauty and durability. The colors and patterns can match almost any color scheme and furniture. Maintenance and cleaning of the tile are simple. It should be possible to keep the floors, countertops, backsplashes and beautiful for many years.

To keep the original tiles, apply an appropriate detergent. Spray the product on the surfaces daily or remove as needed dirt and stains. Sometimes there are deeper places. To fight against these problems, strike the surface of an acid product. Grease stains are often found for cleaning porcelain tile in the kitchen, an alkali cleaning with special formulations may require. Never leave chemical dry on the surface. Always rinse washed immediately after applying it. Hard water stains could lead to mineral structure. Use a squeegee to eliminate excess water and to avoid water spots.

Products to Avoid
Some products contain chemicals that can damage the surface. Never use products containing dyes, ammonia, chlorine or abrasive properties it will occur permanent staining and discoloration. Never pads or paddles on the steel wool scouring, these products can cause scratches. Small steel particles can solve by the steel wool. In this case, the particles can cause rust in the suspension. Detergent oils and waxes are also recommended for cleaning contains.

remove debris
The debris can cause damage to the surface. To prevent this, sweep or vacuum daily. If the cleaner, lift the beater bar vacuum to avoid damage. Never wash when dirt on the surface may be present because the cleaning motion can cause scratches. Damp mop at least once a week for an average household. Carpet at the entrances and corridors in the areas of transport is to minimize wear from foot traffic.

joint care
The slurry requires a sufficient seal after installation. Sealing stains and dirt from the grout lines. To obtain a good seal, reuse of the sealing twice a year. When the grout is stain, mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water. Dip a soft toothbrush into the mixture and rub the colored areas smoothly. Rinse the suspension after washing. A paste of same parts of sodium bicarbonate and water can be effective for cleaning the slurry. Rub the paste into the soiled areas and let sit for up to one hour before rinsing.

Scratches can occur over time. Scratches can be deep or shallow. If you do see below zero, to justify how deep enough damage is exchanging tiles. If zero is light, it is possible to polish easily. Make remove a homemade blend scratches. Mix equal parts white toothpaste brass enamel. Rub the mixture into the scratch with light circular movements. Rinse the mixture and check the results. You may need to apply a repair kit to remove scratches again or buy. With proper care and daily maintenance, you can keep these beautiful surfaces for many years.