Traditional wooden windows are one of the excellent gifts you can give to the house, which add character to keep their incredibly warm home and also increase the value of your home. Oh, if you have love and care are not detected, it can be vulnerable to the elements. For millions of homes across the world, people have kept their old windows and doors in place. The reasons for it? Well, there is simply no substitute for the charming old windows and doors can provide a home.

In older homes, however, especially in places where they are exposed to the full range of time, these wooden windows and doors can be damaged by weather and can start to rot. The problem for many owners is that damage is often not visible from the outside and most of us are not accustomed to tightly control our windows and doors. Therefore, we aware of the rotting control window, if it is too late.

While it can be seen by looking at the window of a case of caries may be able and scope of the study of problems are often largely invisible. This is accomplished by finding irregular waves or bubbles may form in the paint timber. If it were not for you, not an easy way to check if the doors and windows of wood began to rot succumb.

You need a long, sharp object. We recommend a metal skewer, but a small knife will also work if you do not have the former to hand. This probe gently in the window or the door of the rot fixing suspected. If the wood is soft and tender, you are looking at a case of rot. See how far the sharp object moves into the frame. Also, you can do more damage in its window.

If you find a case of rot in your Windows, you must move to create a quick solution. Talking to a specialist is the most sensible, but it is likely that the wood from decaying material should be removed and replaced by a new, filled with special or pulpwood.


The only mistake we could make would be easy to cover the rot with a fresh coat of paint. Although the new water prevents, will seal the inside of the rot, where more damage and cover.