Tricks to teach your dog is a great way to increase mental stimulation and allows both of you to Bond. Education can be fun and easy so that you know the basic commands such as “sit” or “down.”

Three simple tricks to teach your dog.


Handshake – Like most dogs have a general instinct to lift his legs for the fun of this doctrine trick is easy to do. Your dog must be in a sitting position, beginning before training. You will be treated to start and move slowly which plowing, he puts the leg with his dog. When your dog begins to lift the leg while waiting for treatment, you need to say the word “shake”. Be sure to appreciate your dog and repeat this step, hold your hand a little more each time so that your dog will have to lift his leg high to try.

The goal is that your dog to develop within the lead. Always with the same leg, when training your dog until you can hold your foot in the command; Then you can switch to the other leg. Once the dog has learned to shake hands with the order, eliminate threats and replace them with praise and toys for dogs.

dance  This trick can be trained to all dogs, but these animals under 40 lbs learn some fast dance. When you exercise, make sure your dog is in a sitting position. Put a treat in your hand, but be sure to close and move your hand near the dog’s nose. In slow motion, you want to get your hand on the dog’s head; When do you want your hand easy to move behind the head. Your dog then looks back at his hand, standing on its hind legs. Give your dog a praise and treat him when he stands on his hind legs. Repeat this step until you can stand safely and quickly your dog on his back legs.

The next step is to move the treatment over the dog’s head in a small circle. The goal is to spin for your dog on his hind legs. After starting in a circle on a walk, say the word “dance.” divest and continue to rent each time to get up to attract your dog and turn in a circle.

Take a Bow – After shaking hands and dancing, your dog is worthy of a bow. The key to this trick is to take your dog to put on the chest on the ground while its bottom upward. Bowing is natural for dogs, so this advice is easy to learn.

If you start teaching this trick, your dog must be in a standing position. Place a behave to your dog’s nose and slow down a treat with your dog, keep the funny side of his nose all the time. Chest of your dog will be on the floor and the bottom is up. Keep your dog in this situation for a few seconds and say the word “bow.” Use a treat to lure your dog backed into a standing position. When set, give him the treat and lots of praise. Repeat this process no more than three times a day and soon your dog will be able to activate the command.

Always trains within 10 minutes a day. You must be patient, positive and calm when you are training your dog, these simple things to do. Have fun and be safe new tricks to show your dog family and friends!